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Joanne Eannacone

Sales Professional
  • 34305 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85266


For as long as I can remember I have loved real estate - owning properties, investing, renovating, building, designing, decorating, walking lots finding buried stakes - it's like finding a buried treasure. My dad was a builder so from a very young age I would find myself understanding how a piece of dirt is evaluated - imagine bringing in the roads, utilities and moving dirt to make it all happen. Then reading and redesigning the blue prints to take advantage of every view and angle within the home or commercial building. Helping design what flows correctly and freely.

Then I always remember fondly the love and excitement of my very first home. A small one bedroom, one bath co-op in Tarrytown, New York - Westchester County overlooking the Hudson River and Tappan Zee Bridge). Imagine my excitement when I discovered hard wood floors under shag carpet and solid brass doorknobs under layers and layers of paint. My first venture on my own in real estate doubled in value in 5 years and I was hooked! My studies have been and my past career was in marketing and advertising with Gannett Newspapers. How does one market themselves, their business and how do I assist others in doing the same. What works and what doesn't and how often does one need to change the methods.

I moved to Carefree, AZ in 1994 and never looked back leaving Gannett and a corporate career behind to live a less stressful life - my quote at the time was "less is more." I felt I was coming home although Carefree & Cave Creek were totally new to me. I absolutely love the west and this beautiful valley!

Studying to become a REALTOR was a natural fit for me. Enjoying the beauty that this valley of the sun offers from learning all about the road system, the builders, the communities, the golf courses, the club houses, and on and on is ongoing and a total pleasure! Then viewing such lovely homes, I feel the valley has something for everyone - let's explore together and find your dream!

I take great pride in servicing my clients from start to finish and I do not mean just start to finish within the transaction I mean from start to finish within our lives! Let me assist you with learning all you need to know, to assist your family, relatives, friends who may be considering a move. Also I have always felt my home is my sanctuary and totally respect one's need to find exactly what the right fit is for you. This may take time, patience, communication, negotiating. I enjoy doing this all and more while building our relationship to one of mutual care and respect.

Call me and let's visit together.

Thank you for the opportunity.