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Alejandro Gutierrez

Sales Professional
  • 20 Roadrunner Drive, Suite A Sedona, AZ 86336

I am an engineer and entrepreneur who decided to leave the big city for a better life with my family and came to Sedona in 2007, where I have been buying and selling properties for the last nine years. With my wife Bea, a graduate in residential design, we currently own four homes in the area and have remodeled and sold several others. I was born in Chile and spent considerable time in Latin America, thus I am fluent in Spanish. I enjoy the outdoors, gardening, reading, meditation and spending time with my family. 

I started my career with Procter & Gamble in Latin America and was transferred to the US headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, later becoming a general manager for one of the largest business units in Latin America at the time. After thirteen years of corporate life I wanted to venture into the entrepreneurial world and started up a company during the “.com” bubble in early 2000 in Miami, Florida. With my partners, we developed a successful Internet incentive and marketing business serving customers like Microsoft, FedEx, Motorola and Western Union. We eventually sold the business to a European company after eight years. 

At this point I was eager for a simple, more enriching life and moved to Sedona. While I have been able to carry on with some of my original business interests and contacts, including bitcoin in the digital currency space, my business focus has been slowly shifting towards real estate. It was only natural for me to get my real estate license and continue to grow and develop in this area. 

I believe I bring a wealth of experience from the business and entrepreneurial world, as well as practical experience in buying, remodeling and selling residential properties that may be useful for residential buyers and sellers. I have a good eye for homes with potential and know the economic factors affecting real estate in the Verde Valley.